Introducing: Maiko

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Remember how in 2049 the world was virtually destroyed by Daku, a politician-turned demon in Kyoto? His actions weren’t appreciated by his boss demon and he was expelled from planet Earth for life and afterlife.

Thankfully, the one surviving geisha, cyborg Mineka and her four friends were able to thrive in the Geisha Tea House and become the 10,000 delicious geisha that you know so well, and are proud patrons of.



What nobody suspected, is that the events on Earth were carefully observed from far away. Just recently, on planet Genderinnova, some 5.1 billion-and-a-sniff lightyears from us, the non-binary ruler Gendanna was upset with what Daku had done. Being a true love child with two hearts filled to the brim with empathy, he/she decided to give the geisha a hand, so they could thrive even more and irritate the living daylights out of Daku.

In all secrecy, the fertility lab on Genderinnova decyphered Mineka’s DNA and went to work with it. They were able to make nova- generation cyborg DNA for 10,000 unique Maiko with extreme artistic qualities. The strings were brought as a friendly surprise gift to the Geisha Tea House via old-fashioned telepathy and have been safely hatching in our eggcoons back in the yard, behind the 1921 Packard that’s parked near the veggie garden. We are overwhelmed with joy and forever grateful to Gendanna and the population of Genderinnova for this generous gift, and we hope to return the favour one day..

From us for patrons

The Geisha Tea House wouldn’t be the Geisha Tea house if we weren’t generous with our patrons.

So today, we are offering all geisha patrons a beautiful maiko. You can mint one maiko per geisha, free of charge - you only pay the gas fees.

How’s that for a heaven-sent gem on an ordinary day?

The maiko are a collection with virtues of their own and will have a special set of utilities sprouting from their artistic DNA. They will have a special room in the Geisha Tea House to show their skills and entertain both patrons and extraordinary invitees. The maiko are programmed to be maiko for life, but hey, we won’t exclude that a maiko could one day evolve to geisha status. It’ll just depend on the right encoding and the flexibility of their DNA.

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drop coming May 31th